A lot of young people who are so into computer games normally don’t expect their dads, moms much more their grannies to play their games. If there are parents or grannies who may be interested, they’re very few and far between. Most of them would say it’s just for kids or they’re too violent.

Surprisingly, there are PC games that even the oldies can play. We share a number of them here which you can recommend to your dad, mom, grandpa or grandma.


This game which is a hit among kids is helpful in teaching the value of critical thinking, resource management and even gardening to protect ourselves from the zombie apocalypse. It’s all about coming up with your defense system with minimal violence involved. It’s very entertaining that will keep players coming back.


Minecraft Xbox

Popular around the world, this one is for those who want to be creative. It’s more than a sandbox or playground because you can explore and do whatever you want. You can collect resources, fight monsters, construct buildings through the use of your imagination. Just to give you an idea of what the other players have created, some have made replicas of the Game of Thrones setting and the Starship Enterprise.



This game has already four series in a period of more than 20 years. A new one is coming out on March 5 via Origin.

SimCity appeals to players of varied ages because it gives them the freedom to build their own city and manage it. Some planning, management and critical thinking skills are required to ensure that problems of your citizens are resolved.



This game is perfect for those looking for something to tinker with before going to sleep. A relaxing game, Osmos lets a person play as the molecule or mote drifting in a puddle and eating up smaller molecules to become larger. The trick is to avoid those the bigger molecules so you don’t get consumed and lose.

What makes this truly relaxing is its art style combined with calm music that lets any player just drift away until you find yourself ready to go to bed.

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