Gamers or aspiring game developers can now create their own video games without the need for a technical background. The tool to use? Pixel Press.

pixel press video game

This new Pixel Press tool lets anybody, young and old, to make their own video game levels. The only materials you will need are a pencil, graph paper and your iPad or iPhone.

Creator Robin Rath explained players can design their levels by hand and they can create any kind of traps for their avatar to hurdle. Avatars can climb five stories to reach their goal.

Rath said his tool also makes use of character recognition that allows the iPad or iPhone’s camera to convert the sketches to graphic elements. The next step is for the create to test his level, make further refinements and add skins to create a more polished game.

This Pixel Press creator admitted to being a big fan of the Super Mario Brothers and Metroid games as a child and he used them as inspiration to come up with his inventive tool. The Minecraft world-building game, though, is his biggest inspiration.

What Rath love about this particular game, he said, is its sharing aspect in that people who spend hours building their own world normally want to share their creations with their friends. This aspect, he pointed out, provides a rewarding experience and allows players to interact and learn from each other.

He added that the focus of his invention is also to teach kids about game design specifically enhance their drawing and computer technical skills, help develop their interest in the field and teach them about the value of patience and teamwork.

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