It’s a fact that brands have conquered social media. Whether new or already famous and known internationally, they have established an online presence on most social networking platforms including the photo sharing site Instagram. And why not? Being there where your fans hang out is the best way to earn their loyalty and gain new followers.

Gaming enthusiasts may not have yet developed an interest on Instagram when it comes to discovering things about their hobby but they should learn to trust the site. Currently, there are many gaming brands that have created accounts in the platform and we share some of them here worth following moving onward.


This games publisher uses the “bethesdasoftworks” account name. Fans can expect to get regular updates on the company’s new releases and bestsellers as well as on concept art and launch events.


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A popular games publisher, Konami has more than 38,000 followers. It should be well worth your time to follow its account which is updated regularly.

Photos being shared include unique images of Solid Snake (there’s one made from 2,100 shot glasses), Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer.


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This console brand by Sony shares the same number of followers with Konami at 38,907. With regular updates, fans can get glued to this account which posts, among others, photos of its new hardware including the latest super slim PS3, joypads and toys.

Apart from its popular products, though, PlayStation also shares photos of people playing games and even those donning funny costumes.


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Every gaming fan knows Sega which is not a surprise why this brand has also invaded Instagram. With nearly 7,000 followers, Sega makes sure to update its account regularly with photos on fan events, Summer of Sonic, trips to Japan (there’s a Sega Club in Akihabara) and Sonic the Hedgehog.

If you have creative skills in taking photos particularly of your favorite gaming gadgets, you might as well submit your pictures in photo challenges for Instagram online. It should give you a rewarding feeling being able to share your best shots to the rest of the world and who knows, if prizes are at stake, you can take home one of them.

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