It’s a reality that a great number of people, young and old alike, are into gaming today. Whether using a computer, a mobile device or a gaming console, these avid fans spend hours playing their favorite video games every day.

Those who have a deep passion for gaming can actually choose a career in this field. This way, they are able to use their knowledge and skills in a field they like the most.

Apart from pursuing a degree in computer programming or information technology focusing on software and game development, serious gamers as well as those who simply love to explore video games and who have good writing skills can also choose to become a writer or blogger. There are numerous freelance writing jobs in various fields available today.

Becoming a writer here means different things. One can simply write articles or blog posts on everything about video games and post them on games-related sites or one can become a so-called games writer.


A blogger can also be referred to as a writer. This person may have his own blog focusing on gaming from where he or she earns an income. Other than that, however, he or she may also be writing for other games-related sites with pay.

A blogger, therefore, can work on his own as long as he or she fulfills his personal goals and meets the needs of his clients.

Gaming bloggers normally write about the latest updates in games and gaming technology, do analysis and reviews of past and present games as well as share their personal views on the various aspects of gaming.


games writer, on the other hand, is involved in the creation of a specific game. This person works together with game
designers, level designers and the artists to come up with a story and dialogues.

Experts point out that collaboration is key in creating games adding that the outcome is often a result of many minds working together and contributing many ideas. Despite the presence of a creative director or producer who makes the final decisions, they stressed that a game can only be successfully created when people who make up the development team work together.

Becoming a writer for games or games-related blogs goes beyond just possessing excellent writing skills. One also needs to play and observe games as often as possible. Observing entails getting to know the text being use and the visual storytelling.

Finally, make sure to do your research using the vast resources for writers on the internet. This will help you choose the right path to take.

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